North Macedonia

The company operates in North Macedonia since 2012. The office is situated in Skopje and Sport Vision, Buzz and Sport Reality stores are covering the whole country.

North Macedonia is a country situated in southeastern Europe and is a part of the wider region of Macedonia. The country is a major transportation corridor from Western and Central Europe to Southern Europe and the Aegean Sea with the population of 2.1 million.

The country formerly known as the Republic of Macedonia officially changed its name to the Republic of North Macedonia in 2018, ending a decades-long dispute with neighboring Greece.

Successful privatization boosted the country‘s reserves, the leadership demonstrated a continuing commitment to economic reform, free trade, and regional integration. North Macedonia experiences one of Europe‘s biggest growth rates at an average of 4%, making it comparable to nations such as Romania and Poland.

The capital city is Skopje, followed by Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep and Tetovo as the biggest cities.