EXTRA SPORTS is a retail chain for sports footwear, apparel and equipment, operating in several countries in the region, with an ambitious plan to expand. Known for its excellent prices, constant sales and the full range of products of the biggest global brands, such as NIKE, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Lotto, classified into women’s, men’s and children’s department. You can find all you need for your entire family in Extra Sports. In our stores, fair trade is accessible to all! The first store was opened in 2016 in belgrade, in a 2000m2 venue with over 80000 items on offer; there are also smaller shops, of about 400m2. The retail network is comprised of 25 stores in the region, while another 30 retail venues are planned to be opened in the upcoming period, in all larger cities in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

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Sport Vision Group

Milentija Popovica 5v

11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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