BUZZ is the place that merges excellent deals and different urban lifestyles. It is the main stop for all those who love good and different sneakers, who wish to put their mark on every outfit through their footwear and thus create their own, unique style. BUZZ is the place where excellent deals meet diverse, top-notch urban living styles, both emerging and well-established. Every season it brings to its consumers all that is new, from local and global providers, carefully selected collections, and different product presentation methods. BUZZ’s mission is to promote a new culture of casual and sports clothing, through a contemporary, different, and original presentation. BUZZ is the destination for all those who love sneakers and is the largest SNEAKER STATION. The retail network has more than 85 shops and is represented in the countries in the region.

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Sport Vision Group

Milentija Popovica 5v

11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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