Playoff is a development program for students of final years of academic studies and master thesis students, who wish to get their first work experience in the field of sports retail. This is a program that offers a chance to students to become part of the Sport Vision company and continue their professional and personal development there.

All young people up to 30 years of age, who are in their last year of bachelor studies or in a master’s program, can take part in the program. Applicants who are selected are included in the Playoff and for six months, they are given the chance to work in the company’s retail stores, where they gain valuable experience and get acquainted with all retail-relevant processes.

Participation in the program is paid and it takes the form of a full-time employment. Every participant gets an employment contract and has the same rights and obligations as all other company employees.

In addition to getting acquainted with retail processes, the selected Playoff team members also work on case studies from various business processes of the company, which they then defend in front of the management of different departments.

For the duration of the program, the human resources sector works actively with each individual participant, through coaching and tests, on their development, and creates an individual career plan at the end of the program. So far, thanks to the Playoff program of Sport Vision Company, we have employed over 20 people.