Kombank Hall was filled to the last place as the eSports Balkan League (EBL) finals were held that day. As sponsors of the Red Star eSports team, we were here to support our finalists and bring you the atmosphere of this great gaming event.

After knocking out last year's ASUS Champion in the Balkan Balkan LoL Championships, Bulgaria's eSports team Random5 faced the eSports team of Red Star in the finals. The incredible support that our Stars had, unfortunately, was not enough to win a new championship. With a score of 3-0 in favor of the Bulgarian team, the regional gaming scene gained new champions. Interestingly, this is a team that reached the finals from the qualifiers.

Still, that didn't stop close to 1,500 gaming fans from cheering on their favorite teams and taking pictures with the Red Star eSports team favorites. All Star gamers wore Umbro eSports jerseys that day, while gaming lovers in attendance had the opportunity to get acquainted with the eSports collection, created in collaboration with our most eSports trophies.