For the fourth year in a row, the Sport Vision company in Bosnia, in collaboration with the Nike brand through the "Go Out and Train" project, motivates people across Bosnia and Herzegovina to understand the importance of physical activity and training for their health.

"Go Out and Train" for the fourth season is synonymous for excellent and quality public trainings that bring together recreational and professional athletes from the fitness field who recognize the importance of playing sports for the benefit of their health.

Through a two-hour fitness entertainment, we were inspired and motivated to get out of the comfort zone and do the right thing for our health, which is to take at least a few minutes into our daily routine some physical activities. Besides helping our health physical activity positively affect to our psycho-physical state.

For three seasons, Nike and Sport Vision have supported the "Go Out and Train" project as general sponsor, and we are extremely proud of the success and popularity of this project, which grows from season to season.

We trained together: 4 years, in 6 cities, with 40 coaches and over 6,500 sports, fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts - and those who have become that after our fellowship.

Statistics like this are a clear indication that together we are on the right way to achieve our mission - to get as many people as possible into better, healthier habits. Like the previous two times, this time we can proudly boast that another successful season is behind us.