We are proud sponsors of the Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, which aims to develop rhythmic gymnastics both nationally and internationally by relaunching Romanian athletes in major competitions. RGF is the governing body of gymnastics in Romania. Established in 1906, it supervises gymnastics clubs and gymnasts' participation in international competitions. In 2013, Adrian Stoica was re-elected president of the RGF.

Chairman of the Romanian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Irina Deleanu announced in 2019 that the Romanian North - Western city of Cluj-Napoca will host the FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup competition, August 23-25 at the BT Arena. There were 23 countries who signed up, for a total of 130 gymnasts. It had two events: individual and groups. Big names as Aleksandra Soldatova were present at the competition. She is in the first line-up of Russia and part of the team to compete in the world championships.

Almost all countries have sent their important gymnasts because it was a premier competition, organized two weeks before the World Cup qualifying for a place in the Tokyo Olympic Games and was great opportunity to check their routines and get into great shape. Romania sent Denisa Mailat and Andreea Verdes, who had a very good track record in the last year.

The Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation has applied for hosting a World Cup series in 2020 also, ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games.