Sport Vision is once again in the company of world’s greatest! Our long-term successful cooperation with the football camp “Deki 5”, whom we are friends with and whom we sponsor, was recognized by the world-famous brand Umbro, which published the news about the boys and girls attending this camp on its official website.

Referring to the collaboration with “Deki 5” camp, Umbro brand wrote about young football talents, camp participants, but also about team spirit and togetherness, and that way shared with the entire world the great friendship and constant support we give to the youngest fans of the most important of the unimportant things in the world– football.

We are happy that, next to numerous other activities and initiatives that are part of our project “Our vision, our healthy future”, we have the opportunity to contribute to proper growth and development of the youngest talents in various sport disciplines and also support them on their way to great careers that are undoubtably in front of them.

In the upcoming time, we will try to support every athletic talent with various sponsorships and to be the supporter during current and future sports endeavors, because SUPPORT IS IMPORTANT.