We waited, waited and waited - The 32nd Belgrade Marathon!

The euphoria that ruled the participants throughout the week culminated on Sunday in the early hours of the morning when our runners were scheduled to gather at Run'n More. Everyone was ready - both the runners who ran the Pleasure Race and the half marathons, but also our marathon runner. In addition to many colleagues, they were supported by the SAMBANS team, who accompanied our colleagues to the finish with Latin beats, percussion and drums. Together we warmed up the atmosphere on the streets of Belgrade and prepared to go to accompany all participants of this year's marathon.

At Nikola Pašić Square you could take part in many interesting activities that we have prepared for you, while the most willing ones also won valuable prizes. A special attraction was the trampoline that was most enjoyed by the youngest.

Participants who decided to run 21 km and 42 km, respectively, had an energy boost at the Yugoslavia Hotel with a tried and tested duo - DJ and saxophonist, as well as our well-promoted promoters, while the next destination was the Sava Center. As the half marathon race was nearing its end and the marathoners needed extra support, our DJ was there to motivate them and with their famous remixes, energize them.

The sweetest is over - a point of support where our coaches and professional masseuses have worked hard to stretch and assist anyone who has completed the race.